Crisis Management

From time to time problems occur that have the potential to cause a major crisis. Typically those that present themselves on site are usually as a result of incorrect management guidance, innacurate costings, funding shortfalls, design errors, construction delays or lack of associated skills to complete the project.


No construction project is immune to crisis and every effort should be made to plan for the risks.


In times of crisis, everything needs to run swiftly and smoothly. Localising, structuring, assessing and applying a solution to a problem that can be implemented immediately is one of the core elements of crisis management.


We will help to ensure that everything runs as swiftly and smoothly as possible if a crisis occurs in your company. Our many yeFrars of experience in a wide range of crisis management areas have equipped us to promptly guide many companies back on course.


Parties who wish to purchase assets or find themselves with a stake in a distressed property development asset require quick, accurate and concise due diligence and pragmatic advice on maximising forward value.

Our audit and recovery service brings together a diverse range of skills from across our business to appraise the status of schemes as well as providing sound advice on recovery strategies for assets and portfolios in distress.


Our team can advise on a wide range of project appraisals ranging from individual assessments to the evaluation of wider economic and market factors. Not only do we have the technical skills to support clients in their preparation but our wide exposure to projects from inception through to operation provides insight into how to maximise investment returns.


Our approach is to work with the client to consider and weigh-up all the options available for the project in question. Rather than adopt an advance prescriptive attitude, we keep the client’s drivers in mind.


Our emphasis is, if possible, to allow recovery of the project with minimum disruption. We would focus initially on identifying the key issues, which could include for example, construction and/or cost pressures, or market value pressures due to falling rents of yields.


Having identified the key issues, we would devise a report and, in conjunction with the client, consider, in the first instance, the adjustments required to recover the project.


If the project cannot be recovered, then we would work over the project with the client (and/or receiver). We would expect to advise on construction and property issues and the implementation of solutions.



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Our services at a glance:

  • Definition of initial position and need for action
  • Analysis of process-relevant channels and potential disruptive factors
  • Issuing a reorganisational concept with ad-hoc measures
  • Guidance in implementation of reorganisation and consolidation process
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